Zio Ciro Products

Choose the most suitable oven for you

Zio Ciro’s range of residential wood-fired ovens comprises of eight models of different sizes, to meet all customers’ needs. The Zio Ciro oven is entirely made of high quality refractory concrete that ensures durability and reduced wood consumption compared to traditional ovens.

It comes with an easy-to-assemble kit containing all the necessary components. The clear installation manual make it easy to assemble the oven in a garden, backyard, patio, indoor or outdoor kitchens, or even taverns.

Once assembled, it can be finished according to personal taste.


Zio Ciro’s professional wood-fired ovens range consists of three basic models. Each comes with an easy-to-assemble kit containing all the necessary components and an easy to follow installation manual.
Our professional ovens consist of two main parts:
The dome is made of a special refractory mixture that protects the oven from high cooking temperatures, making it durable over time and allowing to save fuel costs.
The hob is composed of big moulded parts, easy to put together and entirely made of pressed and baked refractory material with wear-resistant and heat-retaining properties.


A Zio Ciro portable wood oven is a real wood-fired or gas oven, small in size; the dome and the hob are entirely made of high quality refractory concrete. Because of this, the oven is superior to a stainless steel wood oven, because the refractory material has better thermal properties that allow to retain the temperature for longer, thus enabling to cook long after the fire extinguish.

Zio Ciro “Subito Cotto” is a ready to use, pre-assembled, insulated and finished oven. It is lightweighted and can be transported and used in small spaces such as terraces, balconie, small gardens but also indoor or outdoor kitchens or taverns.

It consumes small amounts of wood and reaches the baking temperature in just few minutes.