Sorrento 165 Model – Big wood fired oven for residential use, Zio Ciro Residential oven are entirely made of high quality refractory concrete that ensures durability and reduced wood consumption compared to other ovens in the market.
It comes with an easy-to-assemble kit containing all the necessary components. Following the clear assembly/installation manual make it easy to assemble the oven in a garden, backyard, patio, indoor or outdoor kitchens, or even pub/taverns.

Once assembled, it can be finished according to personal taste. All materials used in production are 100% Made in Italy and as per our certifications are recognized safety for food cooking, suitable for the preparation of pizzas, breads, buns, cakes, biscuits, roasted meat and fish. Inner diameter of 120 x 165 cm. Capacity 10-12 pizzas.



n°6 base plates
n°6 elements
n°1 sill
n°1 metal door with thermometer
n°2 lateral parts
n°1 standard hood
n°1 brick style arch


Oven (mm) – 2150L x 1370W x 770H
Flue (recommended, mm) – 250ø

Kit Weight

640 Kg
Product Detail Instructions

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