Zio Ciro Ovens FAQ


The fireproof materials used to manufacture Zio Ciro ovens are selected and mainly originate from Italy. The mixtures have been tested over more than 30 years of activity and provide the oven with fire resistance and the long-term ability to maintain temperatures in order to guarantee unparalleled cooking results compared to other ovens made of non-fireproof material.
How can I choose the right size of Zio Ciro oven?
It’s very easy to use a Zio Ciro oven. Just follow the instructions provided inside the package, which are also available on the website Zio-Ciro.com. Maintenance requirements are minimal for both wood-fired and gas-powered models. Assistance is guaranteed through our technical support service, which is available by WhatsApp, e-mail, and telephone.
Zio Ciro wood-fired ovens can be used both outdoors and indoors if they are connected to a suitable chimney.
Following the right procedure for the first times that you light it up is crucial. If you speed up the process too much, you run the risk of creating small cracks or fissures in the fireproof elements. This happens because the fireproof material that is not “cooked” (sintered) yet would undergo a thermal shock that causes breakage. We recommend the “tempering” approach, using increasingly high temperatures uniformly (for example, by spreading hot coals over the entire surface, not with the flame concentrated at a single point).
Once the Zio Ciro oven has been tempered, you can light a fire at any point on the surface. We recommend starting the fire at the center and then moving it to one side.
Obviously, you can cook pizza in a Zio Ciro oven, but also lots more: meat, fish, vegetables, bread, desserts, etc.
You can clean a Zio Ciro oven by setting a fire and reaching high temperatures. Afterwards, using the metal mesh brush, brush the surface in order to remove any impurities. Never use water or wet or humid tools, especially when the oven is hot. This would put the fireproof elements of the oven itself at risk of breaking.
Visit our website, Zio-Ciro.com, and on the page INFO  HOW TO ORDER you can choose the most suitable oven for your requirements, choose possible accessories, and send your order request after entering your personal data.
Our marketing office will reply promptly by e-mail, sending you our best offer. Payment will take place by bank transfer in advance. Shipment will begin within 3 working days (the time may very depending to the available stock of ovens and production factors) and the oven will be sent to you anywhere in Italy, normally within 5 working days. We invite you to watch the video with a great explanation of the purchasing process carefully.


Subito Cotto ovens are pre-assembled at our factory and arrive ready for use. Besides, their weight is limited and they are equipped with handles to make it possible for several people to move it without needing any mechanical lifting equipment.

The number of pizzas that can be cooked at the same time is mentioned on the technical sheet for each model. We took into consideration pizzas with an approximate diameter of 33 cm. Note that the number of pizzas is different for a wood-fired model compared to a gas-powered model, since the gas burner takes up less space at the cooking level compared to the wood, and therefore it allows for greater capacity.

Obviously, it depends on the kind of pizza (what kind of dough) you want to cook. Average cooking times are from 60 seconds (Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizza) up.
Subito Cotto ovens require no assembly, since they’ve been pre-assembled and tested at our factory. You just need to place it where it’s supposed to be used, such as on the metal base that can be purchased with the oven, or on a suitable supporting surface. Read the instructions provided carefully.
The most widely used gas is LPG (liquid propane gas), which is the standard setting for the burner. Upon request (please specify when ordering) the burner can be set up for use with methane.
Gas consumption is specified exactly in the technical sheet. Depending on the model, consumption varies from 0.4 kg/h for the MINI to 1.7 kg/h for the Subito Cotto 100.

A Subito Cotto gas-powered oven needs a standard half-inch gas pipe and a pressure regulator to connect the burner’s main control unit to the cylinder or the network.
The features of the gas pressure regulator depend on the oven model: 

  • Mini (30 mbar, 4 kg/h)
  • Subito Cotto 60 (30 mbar, 10 kg/h)
  • Subito Cotto 80 (30 mbar, 10 kg/h)
  • Subito Cotto 100 (30 mbar, 10 kg/h)
  1. Certainly. All Subito Cotto oven models are built with the possibility of removing part of the oven surface, where you can insert the gas burner. We have created a photo tutorial in PDF format  that we invite you to view in order to understand how to carry out the conversion.
You can paint the outer shell of the Subito Cotto oven with suitable heat-resistant paint or overlay the shell with small tiles (mosaic tiles).


The advantage is that you can choose from 8 different sizes and finish the surface according to your own taste.

To assemble a Zio Ciro oven kit you need to read the specific instructions provided for household models and professional models very carefully.

It can be done, but has to be designed and prepared at the ordering stage. This has to be done to determine the thickness of the support service, the insulation under the cooking surface, and the cooking surface itself, in order to determine the length of the burner.