forni Zio Ciro a legna italiani per la cottura della pizza

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Would you like cooking in a real Italian wood-fired oven? Design your Zio Ciro oven. Ideal for cooking bread or pizzas, meat or fish, delicious soft cakes or biscuits. Have Fun as you select the different options to set up your Zio Ciro wood fired oven for home or professional use, transportable or prefabricated for you to assemble, for the home or garden, big or small...

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The transportable Zio Ciro oven is the solution to enter the world of wood-burning ovens. The oven comes ready to use, you can place it in the garden or on the terrace. Start right away to have fun with friends and family cooking pizzas, breads, cakes and anything you can cook in a barbecue...
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